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The choir rehearses weekly on Thursday evening
either in the Church Chancel or St. Barnabas Hall @ 7:15 pm 

As you can imagine there are many moving components involved in the function of a choir. Our director requires 2 things from a believer who shows interest in serving in this role. One is a willingness to be a part of something bigger than what we could create on our own. And two a commitment to the process involved in cultivating such an empathetic experience.


  Believe it or not, that’s all that is required the willingness. We function using the same values required in building a family and being an active member of the household/a community. These are patience and a humbly aware spirit. The process consists of listening to the other voices around you and being committed to being a part of the beautiful musical tapestry these woven voices present in the offering of our Sunday Mass.

The repertoire performed by the choir draws from the vast and living tradition of the Episcopal Church: from ancient chant to 21st century classical choral - contemporary Christian and gospel.


 If you find yourself interested in serving your talents with us please fill out the form here. I hope to see you Thursday evening for rehearsal at 7:15 pm.                              


 Rasaan H. Bourke, Canon Music Director